5 Ways to Sell More Products During Events


Without question the most effective way to sell your products is to those who just heard you speak. You’ve inspired them, you may have teased them with many great ideas and they are willing to grab more to take home. Not only are you filling their need to read more, you are economically better as you’re making margin instead of just royalties. Consequently, everybody wins when you’re selling products.

Here’s my list of how to best create blockbuster back-of-the-room sales:

Sell throughout your talk. The audience cannot “feel” you selling your products. Your approach needs some subtlety. Throughout your presentation make one or two references to your products. Keep copies of your books near so when you cite something, you can pick up your book and read it. Don’t be a pitchman.

Don’t call it a Sales Table. You want to create an exciting atmosphere and fun for your audience. I once heard an agent say, “Hey, we’ve got them in the room, let’s see if we can get $10 more a head this time.” Was that ever the wrong approach. I’d suggest calling your selling space an autograph table so the audience feels they are valued and will have something to do and receive after your presentation.

Love your products. There’s nothing worse than the self-deprecating, false-humility of a speaker who wants his or her audience to believe his products really don’t matter. Of course they do! You don’t have to strut as a peacock, but you can show the audience that your products have worth and value to you, and for them.

Location, location, location. I’ve seen many after-speaking sales events crash and burn because the speaker didn’t ask for the best location. They let the venue choose it instead of thinking it through and personally choosing a high traffic area. People want convenience and they won’t take the time to look for your products.

Get some help. You want to be free to engage with your audience, autograph or personalize books and take questions. You must have autograph table assistants be they family, temporary hires or volunteers. Let them take the money, process credit cards and all the rest of the sales details. Don’t bog yourself down.

There are some other details, but to me these are the five most impactful things you can do to sell your products at your events. If you have any questions, you can email me directly at info@waynehastings.com, or leave a comment on this post.


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