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    Deuteronomy 16–18 & 26 Judges, Kings, Priests & Ordinary People

    As Moses continued to train the new generation for life in the Promised Land, he not only instructed them about their past history and their obligations in worship as we’ve […]

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    Writing with Power Using PIER

    For several years I was able to attend and often teach at CLASSeminars. Led by best-selling authors and popular speakers Florence and Marita Littauer Tedder CLASSeminars taught us so, among […]

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    Conquering Fear with Faith: Finding Peace in the Midst of Uncertainty

    Fear. It’s a universal emotion that often grips us in the face of uncertainty and adversity. I vividly recall moments of fear in my own life—from encountering a big, snarling, […]


Trust is the winsome wedding of faith and hope.

Brennan Manning

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