Capturing Their Heart


Capturing a customer’s heart is so much more than just giving good service. I can shop in several places and receive great service, but their sterile approach to it all doesn’t capture my heart. Let me share an example.

A year ago I was in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. A group of us ate breakfast together and right next door was a Starbucks. Four of us decided to forgo the restaurant’s coffee for a morning Starbucks and I volunteered to go get the order. When I arrived in the Starbucks I noticed the barista knew not only people’s names (obviously regular customers), but she remembered their orders as well. I ordered our drinks and happily went on my way. The next morning brought the same routine. I went into the Starbucks, saw the barista with the incredible memory and, yes, she remembered ME and my drink order. That kind of attention captures my heart.

Run this story through your head and ask yourself, "When was the last time someone captured my heart?" Think through your recent encounters with businesses or organizations. Who has captured your heart?

Now, comes the hard part. Think of your business, your organization, your church. Whose heart are you capturing? Really, what are you doing to capture hearts? The Starbucks barista set the bar high, didn’t she? So can you. It’s not a policy it is a focus, a mind set on understanding and serving your constituents.

This blog will focus on knowing customers. Certainly service is a part of it, but I want to help you know your customers, your parishioners, your ministry partners and your clients. Hopefully, along the way, we can learn from each other, share with each other and in the end capture someone’s heart.


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