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Do you like the “Easy Button” commercials? Ever wish it were true? Did you know that the same company that advertises the Easy Button makes it difficult to order their products on line? Check it out – there’s a $50 minimum purchase. I understand they may have thresholds based on great scientific cost analysis, but please, when you advertise Easy, make it really easy.

I bought a pressure washer a couple of weeks ago. I was delighted to find that the company prominently advertised their website and an “800” number for more information. They have a fair warranty and an easy returns policy and some nice add-on products. It seemed easy enough.

After reading the information, getting excited about the possibilities of the machine, I actually tried to buy some additional products. Here’s where easy walked out the door. First step, the company website doesn’t do any commerce. So those of us who are prone to order over the web are left out. The second step was retail. The manufacturer’s site recommended some retailers and I went to one and found no products. The recommended retailer carried nada, zippo, and zilch of this manufacturer’s products. The final step out the door was that the warranty is violated if you use any other products than the manufacturers so the siding and deck cleaner I did buy put me in jeopardy. What happened to Easy?

Does your company make things easy for customers? Our research shows that customers have no time. In fact for Bible purchases seven out of the top ten reasons customers make a purchase today have to do with time, not money. They aren’t bargain shopping, they are time crunched and want things easy.

When was the last time you tried to do business with your company? Take a look at the ease with which customers can contact people, order merchandise, and yes, complain. Is it really easy?

What companies make it easy for you as a customer? The companies you enjoy working with might be solid models for you to use as benchmarks. I will wager you regularly shop with these companies and that you regularly recommend them to your friends. Wouldn’t you want your customers to do the same for your company?

Make it easy.


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  1. Scott says:

    I am dealing with this right now with a company. It is maddening.
    This particular company provides absolutely no phone access to customer service. All customer “service” is handled via email. While I am all for limiting expenses and doing as much as possible via email, there are exceptions when a simple phone call would clear things up quickly.
    I have been working on the same issue for three weeks now when one short phone call would have cleared this up from the beginning. Most of the delays have come from lag time between emails, but a lot of it is simple mis-understanding because I can’t explain things clearly, with one person.
    Suffice it say, this company will no longer get any business from me. I, like you, prefer things to be easy.

  2. Alan says:

    Thomas Nelson should try it first before pointing out other errors. I foudn this site from Nelson publishers.
    Some links on the consumer side have no information, i.e. bibles. Sales, I don’t think so… and version information, not found, bible font size not found, and page sample not found. Better take a good hard look in the mirror.
    Nothing “easy” here.

  3. Thak you for ideas.

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