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A few years ago a pizza chain developed a huge campaign called "pizza, pizza". The campaign centered on a promotion offering two medium-size pizzas for the price of one large. It was overwhelmingly successful and frustrated their closest competition to no end.

Simply, the program offered two medium pizzas for the price of a large one. But, there were a couple of important "behind the scenes" keys:

First, the two medium pizzas cost no more than one large to produce. So, margins on the deal were exactly the same as before, if not better (depending on how the ingredients were spread).

Second, and most importantly, the campaign focused on the customer. The successful chain discovered through research that consumers measured the "value" of pizza by the number of slices they needed to feed their families and size was relative to slices, not physical dimensions like large, medium, etc. Therefore, in the customer’s mind (and that’s the most important mind to understand) two medium pizzas delivered 16 slices instead of one large delivering just eight. In the customer’s mind they were doubling the amount of pizza being served. No matter that logic would tell us the amount of ingredients were the same.

So, the company experienced an incredible incremental sales increase because they were willing to focus on what is important to their customers. Insanely simple, yet so hard for many companies to do.

One question you need to answer is "What are you doing to understand what your customer’s value?" And once you have and understand that answer, you can deliver it to them, increase sales, blow away your competition and make evangelists our of your customers. That’s not a bad day’s work for anybody. The answer lies in the heart of the customer.


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  1. Scott Winter says:

    Great thoughts, Wayne. If I could add one more comment – the pizza was pretty darn good too! They offered tremendous value with a quality product – something ANY customer can understand.
    Too often we try to justify our prices and our quality by standards found only in the corporate world and not through the lens of our customer. We can’t forget who ends up with the product.
    Hail Caeser! 😉

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