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Greetings and Happy New Year! If you thought 2005 was an incredible year, watch what happens in 2006.

I have become fascinated with Pandora. It is a website that brings some sense to digital music and essentially allows me to create my very own radio programming. Simply by telling Pandora what artist or song I like, they build for me a personalized music stream. If you don’t like a song, you tell Pandora and it stops playing and yet another song is begun. If you like a song, again you tell Pandora and it tries to find other songs that have the criteria of the one you just told it you liked. The database of song/artist attributes numbers in the 400 range.

Plus, it has a great link to iTunes which allows me to legally download the song and play it as much as I want. What could be sweeter for a music fan? For a wonderfully detailed article on Pandora visit FastCompany.

In the larger picture Pandora points a fine point on giving the customer what they want or need instead of force feeding them (a demand pull, rather than a supply push strategy). Pandora is only one of many "customized" products that allows the consumer to tailor exactly what they want from a field (which seems endless at times) of choices. The general MP3 song/download revolution gave the consumer the opportunity to buy only the music they wanted — no longer did the consumer have to wade through the 10-song pre-determined mix. Pandora takes the revolution to the next level by helping consumers find more of what they already like — song by song. Consumers and bands/artists are connecting like never before and all the power is in the consumer’s hands.

So, the logical question becomes for your and my products — how can we put the power into the consumer’s hands? How do we create products that match customer needs and make a fair profit margin? Because if we are still just pushing out products and hoping that our supply will carry us, we’re wrong. Look at the recent history of the auto industry if you need an example of push instead of demand pull.

What is at the center of your consumer’s heart? How can you come alongside them, helping them achieve what they want to achieve with your products? How can you "Pandora" your service or product offering?


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