Small Decisions Lead to Great Results


While on vacation we dined at Chimayo at the Beach for lunch on Sunday. Our hotel concierge made the reservation with our firm request that we did not want brunch — simply the regular menu. When we arrived at the restaurant (of course now hungry) we discovered that the menu was only brunch.

We were disappointed, however, asked our server if we could order from the regular menu. Without hesitation she said, “I’ll see what I can do.” Within minutes she returned with a big smile and a firm “Yes” answer. We were delighted and enjoyed a tremendous lunch sitting beach front on a splendid California day.

This was a small decision, however, the ramifications of it were huge:

1. She made us happy. Isn’t that what we all want? Happy customers who return?

2. We told others. Yes, like many of your satisfied customers we told other people about this great place to eat. Again, isn’t this what we all want? Happy customers telling others about our business?

3. We told the Hotel. Now this resort hotel had 500 guest rooms and now they have, in their data base, a very positive review of Chimayo. Isn’t this what we want? Free advertising about our business?

So what made all this work? Empowerment and a focus on serving the customer. I talked to the manager and she told me how important service was in their organization. It was truly an easy fix as the cook was preparing to make the switch to dinner anyway. Yet, it was huge in our (the customer’s) minds.

The lesson: Make sure your personal mission includes high-quality customer service and that all your employees clearly understand this mission (don’t ever tire of telling them and showing them). Then, empower them to make the necessary decisions that will reap tremendous rewards for you.

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