3 Secrets to Becoming a Passionate Expert


Many people think they can become an author or a speaker. They are smart. They are good in front of people. They got A’s on term papers or their theses were well received.

Candidly, it takes more.

There are a few skills that help people develop their speaking or writing career and be successful. One I’ve found is to be a passionate expert on a topic.

What does it take to transition from even an above-average writer or speaker to becoming a passionate expert?

  • We’ll start with an exercise. List the subjects you like to write or speak about that you could approach with heart-felt enthusiasm and personal passion. Then, when you’ve narrowed that list, dive into them. Learn everything you can about them and continue to learn about them—keep improving your knowledge.

This should not feel like drudgery. After all, you have passion and enthusiasm for these topics, right? If it does feel like a drag, then you should not pursue that topic.

  • Now that you’ve narrowed your list, and spent some time learning, start writing on those subjects. I’d suggest you Blog about them in the beginning. You goal is twofold—writing will keep you learning and this will naturally extend your knowledge on the topic. Secondly, you’ll be able to see if any body is interested in what you are saying (early market research).
  • Once you start blogging, you can then begin to try and build your audience through social media. You can find “like-minded” people and follow/friend them. You can start meaningful discussions with them, expose them to your writing, as well as learn more about your topics from them. You win all the way around.

As you build your resume as a passionate expert, you’ll gain potential readers and potential recommendations for speaking.

Always keep in mind that people are willing to pay to read or hear from experts. It’s your passion for the topic that will drive you to become that expert and it will also give you the necessary enthusiasm in your writing and speaking to fully engage readers/listeners.

One caveat to remember—no meeting booking agent or publisher want someone who speaks or writes on “anything.” Narrow yourself to topics you can be fervent about and deliver them with the enthusiasm of a passionate expert.


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