Answering the Tough Call


Sometimes we’re called on to answer a tough call—to do something extraordinary. It can be hard, but we have an example in a little-known soldier named Seraiah.

Seraiah lived in Judah under a king named Zedekiah. He was a soldier (staff officer) as Judah was battling Babylon. King Zedekiah was a twenty-two when he became King and he reigned eleven years. The Bible (specifically the book of Jeremiah) tells us that in his ninth year, the King of Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar) marched against him surrounded the city and literally starved the people inside for two years. Eventually the people were taken into captivity by the Babylonians.

So what was Seraiah’s tough call? Before the people were captured and taken back to Babylon the prophet Jeremiah wanted Seraiah to stand up and announce that God was going to destroy Babylon. Here they are on the brink of captivity, and Jeremiah wants Seraiah to stand up and pronounce Babylon’s defeat.That’s a tough call.

Yes, Babylon did fall, but it was 200 years later under Alexander the Great (and again finally in the book of Revelation). Seraiah obeyed God and Jeremiah at a tough time. He answered the call. He knew that the harder the task God asks a person to do, the more of His strength and courage are available. 2 Corinthians 12:9–10 tells us that His strength is sufficient and His power is perfected in our weakness.

How many times do you push yourself to the breaking point before asking God for help? How often does He ask you to do something difficult and your first reaction is a plan under your own strength, instead of God’s strength?

Seraiah knew this and we need to have this deeply rooted in our hearts—out strength has limits but God’s strength is limitless. When we’re asked to answer the tough call, our reaction needs to be to look up, not in. God’s strength is always available and He’s waiting for you to ask.


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