Creating an Unbreakable Bond


Super glues are incredibly effective bonding agents. A person only has to get some on his fingers to fully understand how well these glues work. Believe me, it’s no fun trying to get those fingers separated!

From what I understand, super glues actually melt the two items together to create an unbreakable bond. They are not just topical substances; they get inside the elements, break them down, and then join them forever.

That is what I believe playing with your kids can do. It can give parents and kids a “super glue” type of bond between them. In my family playing was the catalyst that broke down barriers; laughter was the agent for change and encouragement; confidence and increased self-esteem building was the end result. Specifically:

  • It joined us. Playing with my kids created an almost indestructible bond between my kids and me. We know and understand each other very well and much of that came from hours of playing and being crazy together. As a parent, I was able to watch my kids in various situations and they could see me fall on my rear. There wasn’t a sense of “us and them” or “parent and kid.” It was fun and we did it together.
  • It strengthened us. We competed against each other, we sharpened each other, and we’ve counseled each other. Playing together gave us a mutual bond that developed into a trusting relationship. Out of all the silliness and competition came a strong sense of “iron sharpening iron.”
  • It united us. Love acted as a bonding agent. It was the one thing that every other thing was based on. Love kept us laughing and learning together. Love allowed me to have teaching moments with my kids. Love was a covering the produced grace.

Taking time to play with your kids is valuable. Make sure you’re open to every opportunity. You’ll never regret it.


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