Essential Ingredients for Your Promotional Materials


Whether you are a speaker or a writer you will need a set of promotional materials to offer prospective clients.

Inexperienced writers and speakers sometimes send introductory materials that do not clearly communicate their topic or who they are. They print materials in full color and their lead in headlines are weak and so general they are easily discarded and forgotten.
Publishers and booking agents need details—and more importantly the right details.

As you look at your proposed design for any promotional item that sells your services, I recommend asking yourself these four questions:

  • You are an expert on the topic or, if you are a writer, you have experience in a genre or classification.
  • You speak or write well
  • Your topic, if you are speaking, solves a felt-need problem, or if you are a writer, you can address the need on the written page.
  • You have been well received by audiences, or, if you are a writer, other authors and/or publishers

Don’t just say, “Others say I’m wonderful!” Everyone who goes up on a platform or seeks ghostwriting is expected to be wonderful. You can use other adjectives and say essentially the same thing and it will give the same negative result to the prospective client.

It is best if you keep your materials simple and to the point. You should design them with the thought that your prospective client may never open them so your cover needs to have sizzle and say, “Turn the page and open me.” You need words and some graphics or pictures that show the client what you can do, don’t just tell them. Prospective clients for both speakers and writers are busy people. They don’t have a lot of time to sort through clutter and tons of words. They need to find what they need quickly.

Your promotional materials are an important part of your whole marketing kit. It’s your first foray. You need to help the client know about you and contract with you.



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