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“We may feel alone, forsaken, and forgotten, but we are not. In time of loss, our God picks us up and holds us close.”[i] —Charles R. Swindoll

 The phrase “right hand” had tremendous significance in early times. It was a symbol for strength, power, authority, and honor. Someone who sat at a person’s right hand was the trusted and special one. It was a position of extreme respect. In our Western world, we’ve come to expect someone to extend their right hand in friendship, love, or gratitude.

Times of loss can bring deep sadness and feelings of being alone. We might feel as though we’ve blown it in some way. The dreams we’ve had won’t be realized. We may feel the condemnation of the Enemy from regret—a word not spoken; an action not taken; a forgiveness not given.

It’s at these times we must remember our God.

He has promised He will never leave or forsake us. He has promised to strengthen and help us. He’s also promised, most tenderly and sweetly, to cradle us in His right hand.

The apostle John speaks of a time when he was “reclining against [Jesus], his head on [Jesus’] shoulder” (John 13:25 MSG). What a tender moment for John to remember. He was reclining on Jesus’ breast, receiving all the love the Savior had for him at that moment.

We have the same opportunity to receive God’s amazing love. We can recline and rest in His hand—the hand that represents power, might, and authority, as well as love, forgiveness, and hope.

When all the emotions and craziness associated with loss seem to surround you, settle into God’s “victorious” right hand. Let the God of the Universe uphold you, lift you up, love you, and give you hope.

God is inviting us to jump into His right hand. Be bold and take that leap of faith. Let things go and recline in the palm of His wide-open right hand.

INSIGHT: In our times of loss, God is available. He has His hand open and reached out to us, ready to either take away or help us endure our burdens, sadness, and fear. Having access to His powerful right hand frees us to have a greater faith.

PRAYER: Thank God for His openness to receive you into His hand. Reflect on other times when the strength, power, love, and victory of His right hand have helped you through difficult circumstances. Thank Him that He’s so willing to hold you close to Him in deep, affectionate love.

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[i] Charles R. Swindoll, Three Steps Forwards, Two Steps Back, (Nashville, Thomas Nelson, Inc, 1980), 60.


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