I Did it MY Way


I love listening to Frank Sinatra sing. I think I have music from almost every decade in which he performed. Reading about his life it’s obvious that Paul Anka’s song, My Way, was a theme song for the Chairman of the Board. It’s a good song, without question, but it’s not the best way to live our lives.

When we do things My Way, as the song suggests, we miss a whole lot of help. Here’s some thoughts:

Doing things my way is prideful. It brings to mind questions like, “How in the world can I know everything?” or “Who am I to solve this problem by myself?”

Doing things my way is lonely. We may think “the buck stops here” is a great slogan, but my way only leaves out people who can help, influence, mentor, advise and share the experience.

Most importantly, doing things my way leaves out the God of the Universe. Does that make sense? I don’t think it does. Why? Because when we go to God with our life challenges, He knows the end from the beginning. He knows us, He knows the situation, He knows the other people involved, He knows His path for us and He knows the answer. Clearly, the God who created the sun and the moon should be a part of my decision-making process. Surely we don’t have so much pride and ego that we’d exclude the all-knowing, all-powerful One who was and is and will be.

My Way is a classic song, but a very flawed personal strategy. Those of us who face life challenges maybe need to rewrite it to be titled God’s Way. That’s when we can have that “Peace that surpasses all understanding” as we’re yoked with Him and not our pride.


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