It’s Time to Abandon Your Bunker Mentality


We could all learn something from Napoleon Bonaparte. Reportedly he once said, “The old nobility would have survived if they had known enough to become masters of printed materials.”[1]

Does this apply to you? Or are you like the defeated generals of Napoleon’s time with your head down in a bunker of doubt or confusion about what to do with the story or book idea (the printed materials) that’s been rattling around in your head for a while?

Here’s some advice—in today’s world of publishing there’s no need to hide in your bunker fussing and fuming about what to do and failing to do anything.

Here’s the good news—the ability to publish your idea has never been more open and available. The publishing landscape is highly accessible and product development, marketing, sales and even distribution stand just outside of your self-imposed bunker with an open invitation to you and your idea.

Would-be writers need to take a lesson from many of today’s music artists who grasped the new freedom that was created by the digital world. They realized that they could make more money, be more successful and get their music into the hands of more people if they left their “bunker” of traditional thinking and embraced what was developing in front of them. Instead of waiting to be discovered by a traditional music label, they self-produced, self-sold and created, what Seth Godin infamously describes as Tribes, raving fans who can’t wait for their next performance or release.

You can do the same thing as you embrace the world that’s set before you and the many options you have because of technology and the open marketplace.

So, if I can encourage you, don’t sit back and waste your idea. Start writing and start investigating all that ‘s available to you. Don’t let yourself be stuck in the traditional way of publishing—while it may happen for you and be a good thing, don’t let the “old nobility” dictate your passion, direction and outcomes. Yes, there are some risks, but the rewards of helping people, touching people and communicating your message with people will have a dramatic effect on you and them.


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[1] Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon in His Own Words from the French of Jules Bertaut, (London, A.C. McClurg & Co., 1916), 58


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