Buying is An Emotional Thing


Consumers do many things before making a purchase. Many do their homework. They analyze their potential purchase on-line, they talk to friends, they read reviews, and they have their left-brains fully in gear. Then, they go to the store, car dealer, or church and most all of their hard work comes apart when they make the final decision. At that point, the exact point of making a decision, it’s really an emotional thing. the right-side of the brain kicks in and then, out of their emotions, they make the purchase decision.

The smell of the leather seats, the environment of the church, the vision of the product being in their home makes the difference. It’s momentary, it is subtle, but in the end, emotions win almost every time.

Why can Apple or Starbucks charge us well above market prices? Easy, it’s an emotional connection. We enjoy the experience or our feelings and this feeds the emotions. Remember when Saturn first launched as a car company? They offered help for us, no-haggle sales policies and an open, friendly environment. They appealed to the emotion of fear many people have of buying a car.

As you examine your business or organization, take time to look at the emotional elements. Process and logic are extremely important, but so is experience and the positive emotional responses you can create.

How are you setting your business to reach customer’s emotions? It’s through their heart that you will gain their business.


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