Leading Our Kids to be Confident


Parents need a plan to help their kids become people with confidence. I’m not talking about arrogance. I’m not talking about pride. I am talking about confidence in who they are — how God has uniquely and wonderfully made them. It means helping our kids believe that they are able and capable. Here are some ideas to help:

Create the Right Environment

Creating the right environment starts with having belief in our kids. So often we start with the negative instead of the positive. God created them to be who they are. He created them perfectly, in His image. We need to believe in them and what God has created. Believing in them creates a wealth of opportunities for them to enjoy small victories and grow in confidence and ability. Will they fail? Of course they will, don’t you? Failure is OK as long as they don’t feel condemned or ashamed as a result. They need the freedom to try and with your help it will make them feel valued, loved and confident.

Help them Know Who They Are In Christ

It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. It is In Christ that we find our confidence. All the power, peace, grace, love and forgiveness that are in Christ are in us and parents need to take the time to help their kids see this and know this. It’s foundational and something that will help them no matter the circumstances, challenges or trials that come their way.

Celebrate their Strengths

We spend way too much time trying to fix weaknesses (or making fun of them) instead of focusing our attention on their strengths. Use every opportunity to know your kid’s strengths and help them to see them, celebrate them and work within them. Do they love music? Take every opportunity to get them involved. Are they leaders? Let them have some responsibility. Building on their strengths will give them confidence and they will enjoy the joy of working and being in areas that bring them energy and delight.

Helping our kids to be confident is an important aspect of parenting. We can’t take it lightly, we cannot dismiss it. It’s not false arrogance, but confidence in who they are in Christ and as people that will help them grow into responsible and able adults.

What do you do to build your child’s confidence? I’d love to know and so would our readers.


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