Our Kids are Individually Unique


Our children are important because a loving God individually shaped each one from the moment of conception. I loved watching my wife pray for our kids before they were born. She would quietly sit and talk to God about them. All that time, during the nine months of pregnancy, God was shaping, forming and creating a new person—a special person just for us. Nobody else would look, act, or be the same as Jennifer and Zachary. They are unique individuals who share common genes, but are still so different. They have some mannerisms that are similar; some are totally particular to them. God uniquely shaped them.

The theme of Psalm 139:13–18 is declared in verse 14. The Lord created (or shaped) the writer in his mother’s womb. The language is figurative in the King James Version; “creating and knitting” describe God’s sovereign custody over the natural processes of reproduction. This fact prompted David to break forth in praise over the thought of how marvelously he had been made. Even David’s simple knowledge of the miracle of the human body led him to awe and wonder. Every time we look at our children, we are amazed.

David also realizes that in the womb he was woven together. When he was being formed in the womb, he was as remote to the human eye as the lower parts of the earth. However, God saw every detail.

Our children are unique gifts from God. We can celebrate and praise Him for creating such precious lives and for giving us the opportunity to parent them, love them and know them.

Do you celebrate your kid’s uniqueness? I’d enjoy hearing about it.


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  1. Jennifer Cook says:

    In the day-to-day routine of life, celebrating and thinking about the unique gifts of our children is not often on our to-do lists! What better way to guide and teach them then to tap into their particular unique qualities and gifts, to discover what makes them “tick”. And who better then the Creator God to instruct and guide us as parents? Not only our are kids uniquely gifted, but so are we as their parents. Its in the daily routine of life, those days when illness disrupts plans, a forgotten school project is due, the laundry is piled 10 feet high and there is no plan for what to cook for dinner, when the Creator God gives us a moment of grace, to see our kids not as burdens, but as gifts, gifts that for a short time, are ours to hold. As I celebrate and try to mold the hearts and minds of my girls, I need to remember His greater plans for them, and rest in His perfect plan for their unique gifts.

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