Right Words Sell More


It’s always intrigued me that the word “store” and the word “story” come from the same Latin root. In so many cases, good merchandising—merchandising that produces sales—is effective communication of a story. You are selling from a merchandised counter or table by telling a compelling story.

The power of words is critical in helping the customer and telling the story. Your words can be motivating, inspirational and clarifying. In many cases the success you have as a retailer is directly proportional to your ability to use words properly, effectively, and to a specific targeted end.

A lot can be learned (by the customer) about a retailer by simply looking at window, display, and way-finding signs. Successful retailers take the time to think carefully about the customer’s point of view, interests and needs. The retailers strive to have every detail be focused on how to tell the customer the story about the product or service they are featuring.

Average and poor retailers assume too much. They assume that the customer “gets it.” Let’s face it, people are just too busy to have to take the time to “get it.” Retailers cannot assume anything in this economy and culture where everything is available all the time.

We must tell the story in a compelling and pleasing way. Why? So customers stop to listen and so they can easily, and quickly, extract what they need and make a buying decision right then.

Your customers are the best judge of the words you choose to use. Test them and don’t be afraid to make changes if your customers are not responding. Let your merchandising tell a compelling story, with the right words, and watch your sales grow.

What are you doing to tell the story to your customers?


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