Taking Advantage of Your Style


Without question, I have found that the most successful retail operations reflect the owner’s personality. It’s the manifestation of that personality that makes the retailer unique and significantly helps them to differentiate themselves from the “cookie cutter” retailers that simply copy each other. Your own style helps you to stand out and be noticed.

This “personality” makes a business a destination location. People come because they like the experience. They often will go out of their way to visit and to buy when they sense something unique and exciting.

Style advantages are not limited to owner-operator stores. Even large national chain stores can, because of their founder or current leadership, maintain a style that is unique and attracts customers to a positive shopping experience.

I visited four stores this past weekend. Three of the four were “business as usual” retailers. They had no personality, uniqueness or differentiating style. They offered merchandise for sale, take it or leave it. In fact we had a problem in one store and I tweeted about it. 48 hours later, I got a response that directed me to their general website for “help.” Unique? Nope. Responsive? Nope. Interested? Nope. How much this style reflects their leadership is telling.

The fourth store (a national chain) was different. Their people were engaging, helpful and went out of their way to answer a question. Was there style a reflection of leadership? Probably. Were they busy? Yes. More importantly, will I go back? Yes.

What is your unique style and how is it represented in your store or business? Do you regularly communicate your style to your associates? How could your style—your personality uniqueness—help your store stand out among your competitors?

There are so many copycat retailers out there. Make your store unique. Make it different by taking full advantage or your unique personality and personal style.


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