Writing is an Artform


Many people feel writing is difficult and consequently they often approach it from a negative perspective. Over the next several posts I’d like to share what I’ve learned from my own writing and from being involved in many best selling and award winning books and Bibles.

One of the first lessons is to understand that writing is an artform. It’s way of expression not unlike painting or writing a song. It’s a vision of what you see put to words. Sure there are some technical rules, but there are also some technical rules in visual art and music. Don’t get lost in the rules.

I’ll give you an example. I found a letter in a box of old pictures and family memorabilia the other day. It was written in 1864 by Charles Stevens, a relative. In four worn pages he told of his Civil War experience in his Michigan regiment. He went from East Tennessee to Kentucky several times, fought in battles and mostly missed his family. If a critic examined the letter they’d find many grammar and spelling mistakes. But, in reality, who cares? It’s his vision of the war, his emotions because he missed his family and pure history that excites and transports the reader. He had some important things to say, and he wrote them down.

I’ll wager you have some important things to share about your life, your faith journey, your family, or about what’s going on in this culture at this time. You may even have a story or two you’d like to tell. What’s keeping you from doing it? Express yourself. Let the words flow. Put your thoughts down in your computer, tablet, phone or plain ol’ paper your expression.  Believe me, sometime, somewhere, somebody will find it and it will be a precious memory. Or, you may even get published. Who knows until you try?

Don’t worry about rules or “not knowing how.” Step up and start writing. It’s a wonderful and valued form of art.

What’s waiting inside of your head to be expressed?


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