Giving the Customer an Unforgetable Experience


It’s simply wonderful when retailers give you a reason to shop their stores and as I’ve said before, I believe that Experience is one of the most fundamental reasons why customers keep coming back. Here’s a couple of recent examples:

I was reading the Brains on Fire blog today. They brought my attention one of the best websites I’ve ever seen. HEMA is a dutch retailer who really understand the value of customer experience. Try it for yourself at the above HEMA link and please wait for the experience. It’s engaging, it’s funny and I can’t even read the Dutch language!

Last week I visited the Apple Store at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA. I know what you’re thinking and I just cannot help myself. Bottom line, they do a great job creating experience. Here’s what they did for me on this trip. I received a nice new iPod for Christmas. It deserved a nice protective cover, so I went to the store found the item and was checked out by a clerk in the merchandise aisle with an RF hookup who then emailed me the receipt. How cool is that? He knew my name in few seconds, didn’t need some kind of silly “frequent shopper” card and I never saw a cash register or front counter. When I got back to my hotel room and checked my personal email, there was the receipt.

Specialty stores are just that — specialists who need to create a unique experience for their customer. Neither so these examples took a ton of money to execute, just some real thinking about the customer they serve and how to best serve them (and at the same time give them a memorable experience).

Works for me.


3 Responses to “Giving the Customer an Unforgetable Experience”

  1. So, what happened to your shiny new RED iPod that I gave ya??:-)

  2. Scott Winter says:

    Love these thoughts. I can imagine that every front-liner and store manager agrees with you, but they all look at “corporate” to make these decisions. Sure Apple has the cash to invest in the technology to provide this experience, but what can we all do to create that experience with what we have to keep people coming back to our stores regardless of corporate policy?

  3. davidpleach says:

    Wayne, one of Thomas Nelson’s authors, Scott McKain, writes and speaks all over the country on this subject: ultimate customer experience. You might find his website and books insightful.

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