In ‘n Out or Ruby’s Diner – Who Makes the Best Burger?


I really love Southern California. It’s my home, my heritage and just a fun place to hang out for vacation. What fun it was the other night to sit in a room full of Laker fans cheering on our favorite team.

Yesterday we (Pam and I) went to our favorite place for an old-fashioned hamburger – Ruby’s Diner. It was, as always, incredible. Many of our friends (who, like us, used to live here but for any number of reasons don’t any longer) can’t wait to get to In ‘n Out for their SoCal burger fix, but not us. Ruby’s Diner is the true winner (not that there’s anything wrong with In ‘N Out).


On our walk back along the beach we talked about why Ruby’s. Here’s the short list:

  • Tradition. We found Ruby’s Diner when our kids were young and many a fun, family day outing ended at Ruby’s. There’s nothing like a great burger, flavored cokes, chocolate malts and laughter to link you to a special place.
  • Location. Our two favorite Rudy’s (there are 27 in several states) Diners are located at the end of two piers – Balboa and Huntington Beach. So besides an terrific burger, you get a incomparable view of the Pacific Ocean. In ‘N Out’s are mostly along freeways and are actually drive through locations. You can make your own comparison.
  • Better Burger. So you mix a great location with family memories and add a better burger and you’ve got our answer. Ruby’s Diner wins, hands down


So, where’s your favorite spot for a mouth watering hamburger? And why?

More from the beach tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “In ‘n Out or Ruby’s Diner – Who Makes the Best Burger?”

  1. I’ll have to try Ruby’s sometime. I love In-n-Out for the best fries I’ve ever tasted. Watching them fall from the slicer/peeler into the fryer evokes joy.
    How are Ruby’s fries?

  2. Audrey Kidd says:

    Glad to hear you and Pam are enjoying some much deserved down time. When in Wichita Falls, Texas, try the signature “Beanieburger” at Stanley’s — double meat and cheese, topped with refried beans, grilled onion and jalapenos!

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