In the Beginning


All of us are wonderful starters. The new weight-loss program, exercise program, and the new class on sculpture all spark our adrenalin and we’re off the races. We dig right in, we follow the guidelines, we actually sculpt two "whatever they are" thingys instead of one.

At some point we bog down. We eat that chocolate chip cookie, we walk instead of run, we run out of clay.

I fall into the same trap. I used to read my bible every morning and many times every evening. I dug into scripture and I studied Greek and Hebrew words and connotations.

Now, sometimes, I’m just a regular reader. I’m finding that many people in my church are the same way. Why is that?

We reduce God’s word to an exercise or a program instead of the life changing, life enriching, direct line to God’s heart and plan that it is.

Reader/friend take heart. For those of us that have fallen into the trap, there’s hope. It’s a renewal and it’s quite simple. You just look at your life for a minute. Step back and look at your life and realize that the times you dedicated yourself to reading and listening to God’s heart through scripture were the best times. You had an answer and it was in that book. You were blessed and it was through that book. My life is exceedingly better, and I’m sure yours is as well, when I read His word every day. When I listen to His voice through this inspired book.

So look into the mirror and ask the question, "is my life better off by not reading this book?" I think you’ll find that it’s not only better, you’ll find that it’s eternally improved.


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