May the Best Team Win


As I’ve mentioned before I like Donald Trump’s Apprentice show. I know it’s not reality, but I also like to watch the interaction and Trump is, well Donald Trump.


Last night’s episode was extremely interesting and the absolute worst team won. It struck me how against conventional wisdom it all was, but bottom line, they persevered through all their yelling, cursing and hatred to collect a nice sum of money and win against a good and together team.

Here are a few of my musings about why worst teams sometimes prevail:

• It’s short term. I personally don’t see a lousy team making it long term or lasting for sustained growth. They won the battle but not the war.

• Individual performance can matter. One member of the lousy team did well and the raised rest of the team. It can happen that a superstar brings it all home and the team succeeds. That doesn’t last long either as the superstar burns out and realizes they can make more alone or with another, better functioning team.

• It’s happened before. The 1969 “we believe” Mets were not the best team. The Chicago Cubs were but alas to may Cubbie fans the Mets pulled it off (they weren’t a lousy team like last night’s but the point is they really should have finished second).

Friction can cause a positive outcome. Yes, that’s right, sometimes a good dose of friction can have a galvanizing effect and help evan a dysfunctional team bring home the prize.

But, if I had my choice, I’d prefer to build a highly functioning, pulling together, I’ve-got-your-back team. I think you’ll see much better long term results, you’ll feel good going to work and leading a group of passionate, single-focused people and you won’t need to depend on just one person for breakthrough outcomes.

Fortunately “the Donald” didn’t fire anybody from the better team. They have another day to show results. While certain members of the bad team just need to go away.


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