Satisfying Customers


When the rest of the dot-com world was out hiring marketing personnel, Google was hiring mathematicians. When today many of the dot-com boom companies are long forgotten, Google is spending $1.6 billion on an acquisition. While many dot-com companies don’t get it, Google does – it’s all about understanding what the customer wants and giving it to them in the way they want it.

Sound simple? It is. But many companies unfortunately get lost in the ivory tower or the next “great thing” and forget that the only person who matters in the commercial chain is the one willing to put their hard-earned money down and actually purchase something Nothing happens until the customer says, “yes”.

While Ford, General Motors, mall-based department stores and others continue to lose market share (and more importantly customer mind share), other companies like Nike, Apple, Starbucks and yes, Google continue to gain. Why? Because they understand what the customer wants and they give it to them the way they want it.


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    Nice blog! Bucky Rosenbaum pointed me to you. I would be happy to reciprocate blog links, if you wish. Let me know. Bucky also says we should meet…let me know if you would like to grab a lunch, coffee, etc.

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