The Power of Unexpected Thinking


I have really enjoyed “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die” (Chip Heath, Dan Heath). They have done a tremendous job helping all of us develop ideas and solid marketing.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to teach this book (with email help from Dan Heath, one of the author’s) to a group of Marketers. One exercise I had the group perform involved taking something we know very well and make it unexpected. We took a simple picnic and tried to promote it from a different (unexpected) direction. The group came up with some great ideas that included an outdoor picnic. Later, I received this from one of the attendees — It’s a picnic on the slopes! Thanks, Greg! Now that’s unexpected thinking.

Staying with the theme, last week I had the opportunity to visit the QVC network. I attended training for an upcoming appearance for our “Open Bible, Classic Edition” (Thomas Nelson) product (which is one of the best-selling Study Bibles of all time and my first Bible as a Christian. I highly recommend it). It was simply a fascinating experience and I must say I gained tremendous respect for this 24-hour retailer. Part of the training involved writing benefit statements and I must admit it was one one of the best courses in marketing (and unexpected thinking) I’ve ever had. I give them tremendous credit for understanding their customer, wanting to serve their customer and also for trying hard to communicate clearly to their customer. Emotional benefits are a tremendous way for all of us to help others understand our products and most of us could take a few lessons from QVC. They thrive on the power of unexpected thinking.


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  1. Scott Winter says:

    When does the QVC show air, Wayne?

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