New Expanded Bible Coming Soon


No, Thomas Nelson hasn’t added new books to the Bible. We
are, however, trying hard to meet our customers’ need to understand God’s voice
as shown in His word.

We have a wonderful customer. They desperately want to know,
understand and apply God’s word to their daily lives.  From church pastors and leaders to the person who encounters
the Bible for the first time, this need is the same. The challenge for the vast
majority of them is that the Bible represents an intimidating, time-consuming
book full of ancient characters, places and languages.


To overcome this need Bible Publishers like Thomas Nelson
try to develop products that give the customer help and hope in their quest to
“hear” God’s voice. For example in the last two years Thomas Nelson has
released three landmark products – The Chronological Study Bible, The Word of
Promise Audio Bible
and The Voice New Testament. Each one in it’s own way helps
meet this universal customer need.

On August 11, 2009, Thomas Nelson
will release a new product especially designed for our customer. Developed by a trusted team
of Bible scholars
The Expanded
New Testament, like the
three titles I mentioned above, gives the reader help to reach their goal of
hearing God’s message to them directly from the Scriptures.

Why is it different?

  •              It
    meets the needs of the contemporary student of the Bible by combining devotional
    reading and in-depth study in a completely new way. Users can now
    the Bible while they read
    with study aids and resources
    placed in-line with the text of the Bible.
  •             It
    joins Bible text with traditional wordings, explanatory comments, additional
    wordings, literal meanings and expanded word definitions, all integrated within the text of the Scripture. 
  •          It offers readers a unique Bible study
    experience by making
    them a part of the process and decisions
    made by scholars
    while developing a translation 

The end result is a Bible that is
highly readable for devotions or study purposes that includes a richer in-text
explanation of the Scripture. The experience will help customers grasp all that
God is saying and give them a complete meaning of words and their alternative
wordings. It’s like having a robust Bible reference library at your fingertips
without having to flip a page or grab another book.

You can try this exceptional new
product now. Simply go to this site and download a free PDF file and enjoy the
experience first-hand.

Post your thoughts on your personal
blog, and share the comments in the review sections of a few online retailers
and send me the link so that I can hear your thoughts about The Expanded Bible New Testament. The
Thomas Nelson team will send the first 200 responders/commenters a free paperback copy of
the Bible (a $19.99 value) as soon as they hit our warehouse as a thank you for
your input.


45 Responses to “New Expanded Bible Coming Soon”

  1. This sounds like a wonderful addition!

  2. Thanks, Colleen, it’s been in a labor of love and a dedicated team.

  3. Debbie says:

    I just took a quick look at the Expanded Bible NT and it looks great. I’m assuming you know Amazon (and perhaps other online bookstores) don’t allow reviews to be placed by customers until very close to the sell/release date. At least, that’s how it’s always worked for me.
    I’m also assuming you’re saying commenters will get a paperback copy of the The Expanded Bible New Testament (rather than just any Bible) if they comment about it on their blog and several commercial websites? Generally, I prefer to start with the physical copy for review, but you certainly have the right to set the rules. 🙂

  4. charlie reid says:

    I like it. As I was reading through familiar pages (esp James) the helps forced me to slow down and digest what I was reading. Sometimes we get lax, and skim over the text because of its familiarity. The old “catch phrases” reminded me that I had been there before, but I still wanted to dig deeper and that was easy because of the expanded definitions.

  5. Jeff Suever says:

    Just took a look at it and really like it. This is an excellent resource if you are doing a small group that is going through a book of the bible instead of a DVD or other “topical study” (Not that those are bad, I love the good ones).
    My group just went through John and is about 1/2 through Galatians. Based on initial impressions, I wish I had it months ago.

  6. Cara Putman says:

    It’s an interesting concept. I’ll have to try it a bit to see if the distraction element wanes, though I love the idea of integrated tools for study purposes. I tweeted and facebooked the link.

  7. Niki Turner says:

    The more relevant the Church can be the world around us, the better we can reach them with the Gospel of Christ! New translations and versions that are true to the text while speaking in today’s voice are essential for reaching people in our so-called “post-Christian” era. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Bob Mathews says:

    Great job Wayne. I’ve got a “first look” review of it on our blog, linked to my name below.

  9. Pat Sikora says:

    Just posted a review on I’m excited about this wonderful new resource. Excellent marketing!

  10. Gavin Knight says:

    as per review at
    “I remember when I was a young christian trying to discover for myself what the bible was saying, and so think through my faith. I assembled a personal library of different versions of the bible to compare and reference books like concordances, commentaries and bible dictionaries to look things up – and would regularly find myself sitting in the middle of a pile of them spread around me all open at pages relevant to what I was looking into. It seems to me the ‘Expanded Bible’ would have been of enormous assistance to me back then.
    Even now, with over 20 years under my belt actively thinking through my faith (and teaching others), I am sure the ‘Expanded Bible’ will help re-ignite my understanding of God as revealed in scripture. The free New Testament .pdf eBook you can download from a link in Wayne’s blog post certainly encourages me to think so.
    I look forward to receiving my free review copy, and writing further on how useful it turns out to be.”
    I tried to post these comments on Amazon but thhey wouldn’t let me as you have to purchase it first!
    I am a TN BRB so you can get my delivery details from there?

  11. I covet a copy! Is that a sin?

  12. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    Please send me a copy. Thanks

  13. Martin says:

    At first reading, it reminds me of the New Living Translation with Speed Bumps.

  14. Chuck says:

    I have always found the Amplified Bible interesting in that it contained explanatory material. Visually separating the text from the explanations will be useful. I would consider reading it at more length.

  15. Ron says:

    I would love to have a copy of this Bible.

  16. Rachel says:

    What a neat idea! I wrote a snippet on my blog & twitter pages. If you have any space left on that list of 200, I’d love a free copy. Thanks,

  17. Sara says:

    Hello that is so cool! Got room on that 200 list for me? Send me one!

  18. Nat Kelaen says:

    This is an interesting experiment in generating a buzz.
    I hope it works!

  19. Nat, thanks for your comment. Based on my Blog traffic and the response for the free copy, it’s working very well.

  20. Kyle A. says:

    Interesting Idea

  21. Lori says:

    Posted on my Facebook (Lori Kasbeer)
    “Thomas Nelson is publishing a New Expanded Bible. Expanded in such a way that it assists readers in their in-depth studies, gives definitions of words throughout the bible, and offers the various translations all in one book. This is a great resource to have on hand while studying a certain passage. BEST NEWS… for a short time you can download it free on the link here below. Go and check it out!!”

  22. Cari Ray says:

    From the review posted below:
    The authors filled the pages of this Bible with the tools necessary for serious Bible study for anyone for the full range from novice to expert. This will make a great addition to your Bible study arsenal and personal library.

  23. Jerry says:

    Looking forward to seeing how it stacks up to such recent offerings as the ESV Study Bible. 🙂

  24. Christopher Ward says:

    I’m a (soon-to-be) seminary grad, and have taken a look at this, and must say that it is EXCELLENT. It’s a great tool that will really help people understand a deeper meaning of the text. It gives many of the benefits of being able to read the Greek New Testament, without the blood, sweat, and tears of having to learn Greek!

  25. Marilyn says:

    I think it’s a great idea-I’ve read a few pages. BUT there is a typo on page 3 (Matthew 2:8 has the definition of the magi as astologers, not astrologers)
    Will they proofread the text again before they print?

  26. I’ve posted an announcement on my blog, “New and Interesting Bible Versions.” This fits both categories quite well. It is neat to see something new in Bible Study tools.

  27. Wendy Patrick says:

    Hello, I am very interested in this Bible and can’t wait to learn more about it!

  28. Brian Shind says:

    Being someone familiar with the Amplified Bible, Wuest’s Expanded New Testament, and Magill’s New Testament Transline, I appreciate the readablility and asthetics of The Expanded Bible New Testament. I have found this to be the best of both worlds. The notes and additional information, while being detailed, are set up in a way that still allow for easy reading.

  29. I’ve been using this in my daily Bible reading. Very helpful to have the notes in line with the text instead of scanning to the margins or footnotes.
    I blogged about it here:
    Thanks so much! Your company is definitely an effective innovator in meeting consumer needs.
    ~ Lisa

  30. Hank Harwell says:

    As a pastor and preacher, I think the inline notes will be a very welcome difference from other versions. This (for me at least) will make study faster and much ore streamlined.

  31. Daniel says:

    So far, it looks pretty cool. I like the mulitple choices for how things COULD be translated and showing the multiple meanings.
    Plus, I actually like the cover. Very plain and unadorned. The Bible doesn’t need lots of fancy artwork. It looks clean and simple.
    I’d love to get a copy so I can get more familiar with it.

  32. Matt Caton says:

    What an awesome tool to use for sermon prep and general Bible Study! I will urge my young adults and youth to invest in this lastest effort to have folks fall in love with God’s word!

  33. Pam Burke says:

    I’ve just skimmed a little of the [expanded] Bible and was impressed with what I saw. Adding so much detail to the verses really creates a great tool for study.

  34. EricW says:

    Just a quick comment, as I just found out about this forthcoming translation today.
    I looked at a passage I was reading, Luke 1:34, and the Expanded Translation reads:
    34 Mary said to the angel, “How ·will [can] this happen since I ·am a virgin [L have known (sexually) no man]?”
    The Introduction says about [L]:
    L LITERAL: A more literal rendering of the original language, allowing the reader to see why translations make varying choices. These are signaled by a superscript L within a bracket: [L ].
    The Expanded Translation says the “more literal rendering” is:
    [L have known (sexually) no man].
    However, the “literal” Greek is “a-man not I-know” ανδρα ου γινωσκω (andra ou ginôskô).
    Why does the Expanded Translation suggest that the “literal” Greek has a perfect tense verb (“have known”), rather than a present tense verb?
    Also, why does the “literal” rendering suggest that ου (ou) modifies “man” as an adjective (i.e., “no man”), rather than that it modifies “know” as an adverb (i.e., “I do not know”)?
    IIRC, The New International Greek Testament Commentary (I. Howard Marshall) notes this use of the present tense when discussing the possible meanings of the verse (a verse often used to support the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox belief in Mary’s perpetual virginity).

  35. EricW says:

    I just posted a comment this morning (7/28/09), but it no longer appears. Was it deleted because it was critical/questioning of something the Expanded Translation said?

  36. Thank you for sending me a copy of this book. I love “The Expanded Bible: New Testament” and hope a “The Expanded Bible: Old Testament” is in the works.
    My review of “The Expanded Bible: New Testament” is up on my book blog at and at, Goodreads, and Amazon.

  37. Joel L says:

    I’ve listened to the radio for 2 weeks and am very excited with what I’ve heard. I plan to purchase one. I love to get the meaning of the words and understanding of verse as you read.

  38. Benjamin Steinke says:

    This sounds like a wonderful project, but I am still very greatly disturbed and not a little perturbed by the fact that all we get is a NEW Testament in this Expanded version. Why not the OLD? The New Testament CANNOT be understood without the OLD, and vice versa. Bible committees and publishers need to stop insisting that the NEW Testament is the only part of the Bible worth translating and publishing. The OLD is every bit as much of a salvation story as the NEW.

  39. Chy says:

    I would love to have a copy of this Bible.

  40. It is available from and a great tool for study and reading.
    Sent from my iPad

  41. Flour Mill says:

    The more relevant the Church can be the world around us, the better we can reach them with the Gospel of Christ! New translations and versions that are true to the text while speaking in today’s voice are essential for reaching people in our so-called “post-Christian” era. Thanks for sharing this!

  42. Thanks so much for your comment. The Expanded Bible is a special product.
    Sent from my iPad

  43. Linda Alpi says:

    I have been reading the Expanded Bible Older and Newer Testament in our Bible study group I find it very effective in bringing forth an understanding of the Word so it is very beneficial for me. Thank you

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