The Direction of Light: Pointing Them to Heaven


It’s a priviege to be a part of the direction of light. So often we’re stuck. We’re stuck pointing to things that don’t matter. I watch the countless Christmas season commercials and wonder what they really represent. As I sit and watch my earthly father move closer and closer to Heaven’s door this week, the important priorities become much clearer. Our direction, or light needst always be toward Jesus, his plan, his salvation and his home.

We have the opportunity to point light to countless people online. It’s a natural way to begin conversation and engage people worldwide.

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He himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light. – John 1:8, NIV

If John the Baptist was clear on one thing in his life it was this: that he was nothing compared to the hurricane that was coming.
John the Baptist is one of scripture’s best examples of a human point of Light that never wavered. So much so that the darkness (Herod) eventually took off John’s head for shining light on people’s sin.
Everything about John’s life pointed heavenward. He wasn’t known for confusing the crowds. They knew exactly where he stood. His words, teachings, and lifestyle were an arrow leading people straight to Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah. The scriptures never indicate pride, grumbling, or an identity crisis regarding John’s attitude. He was born to herald The One True Light when it burst into the world. And that’s exactly what he did.
What if we all had the calling, clarity, and consistency of John?

But our lives don’t always point to Christ—especially when we log online; our purpose is not always so crystal clear. Words stream in and words stream out; sometimes inspired and anointed, other times casual and rambling.

In the Land of Shiny Things the faces, agendas, opinions, and ideologies of others fall over our eyes and minds like fresh fallen snow. We then respond with our faces, agendas, opinions, and ideologies. And the cycle repeats. If we aren’t careful this routine can gradually divert our light until we begin to illuminate ourselves instead of God.

Dwight L. Moody once said, “Christians are the world’s Bible.” He wasn’t elevating man’s authority, just acknowledging that most unbelievers will never read the bible. But they will watch you.
Do you have to get up on a rock and preach like John to be heard? Not quite.
Your life points to Christ when you:
Don’t have to project status or perfection.
Don’t pass judgment.
Don’t have to win every argument.
Don’t need to act like a big shot.
Take the time to encourage others.
Care about the details.
Listen to and respond thoughtfully to what’s going on in other people’s lives.
Respond to unfair treatment minus the bitterness.
Learn from criticism without defensiveness.
Forgive and ask for forgiveness.
Can suffer a failure or a loss without being emotionally devastated.
Are consistently kind, generous, and loving to everyone regardless or title, rank, or position in life.
The online world creates a fantastic opportunity for you to echo John’s humility and mission-centric heart.

If you truly are a Christ follower, you’ve settled in your heart that your life is not your own. Like John, your life is a directional sign that shines a light—for the lost, the broken, the prideful, and the imprisoned—so they too can make it home.

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John’s life and mission pointed to Christ. Where does your life point when you log online? #LiveSticky

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Is it difficult for you to point to Christ in your online circles? What’s your biggest challenge?



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