3 Sure Fire Ways to Lead with Integrity


Peter Drucker describes the “mirror test” in which leaders make sure that the person they see in the mirror in the morning is the kind of person they want to be, the kind of person they can respect and believe in. When a leader’s public and private life and thoughts don’t consistently line up, their integrity will crumble.

It’s living a “whole” life. That means doing things in a way that is consistent with our values and vision. It means standing firm on tough issues and making difficult choices. In a word, it means integrity. Here are three guaranteed ways to reach the goal of living a whole life:

  1. Act Boldly. Bold acts issue from a person who has unshakable confidence. That confidence comes from knowing the principles that guide your life and knowing those principles will lead to integrity. It is important to know the values and principles that drive your behavior. Only then will you have the confidence to act boldly, in spite of peer pressure, market pressure or prevailing opinions.
  2. Exhibit a great attitude. Simply said, approach all you do with a joyful, positive, uplifting mind-set. The pursuit of integrity requires what is best and noble in your character. You cannot afford the defeating, polluting influence of a negative outlook. To succeed in business or any other challenge, we must maintain a great attitude. Understandably it’s hard to have a positive perspective when we are weighed down by doubts about our own character.  Doubt can overshadow our attitude and performance.
  3. Develop trust. Integrity and trust are interwoven like two strands in a tightly wound cord. It’s really impossible t have one quality without the other. Trustworthiness is based on both character and competence. It is impossible to have one quality and not the other.If you have confidence in my character but consider me woefully incompetent at my job, you may like me, but you don’t trust me. Trustworthy people are dependable and consistent; their actions and lifestyles set an example of integrity and competence.

Building trust and living the whole life takes time. We can trust others and gain their trust when certain qualities are present. These three are solid building blocks for every leader.


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Trust is the winsome wedding of faith and hope.

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