6 Myths About Change


Change is often difficult and many times a complete intrusion on what we feel is important, critical or even working. Unfortunately change has received a bad rap. Fears and prejudice, rather than fact, has invaded many of our organizations and even our own thoughts and actions. Here are some of the more popular myths:

  • It is impossible to understand why people accept or resist change.
  • Bureaucracies cannot really be changed.
  • What leaders say about change should never be confused with reality.
  • Change will always be mismanaged.
  • Those who help you implement change are heroes and those who resist change are villains.
  • Employees are prone to resist any change that is good for the business.

Here’s the fact. All of these myths can be overcome. How? By effective change leadership. Notice I didn’t use the word management. Effective leaders are absolutely capable of overcoming these myths and executing massive changes in their organizations.

If you don’t believe me, I encourage you to read Making the Impossible Possible by Kim Cameron and Marc Lavine. This is an incredible story of how change can happen despite resistance, bureaucracy, people pressure, employee resistance and more. The book is filled with not just stories but solid illustrations and teaching about how to bring about effective and meaningful change in one of the worst circumstances imaginable.

Leaders: understand the myths, but learn through communication, vision, stability, discipline and process control how to create exceptional change that will positively alter results and your organization.


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