9 Ways to Unleash Greatness in Others


A humble leader steps aside so that others can run by and seize the prize of their own greatness. What are some ways we can make this happen?

  1. Assume the best of others. Leaders who expect the best of others exert a powerful influence. Many times leaders get caught in the trap of judging and thereby cutting off their people’s ability to soar. Expect the best. Find them doing things right.
  2. Learn to listen. The apostle James, a great follower of Jesus, wrote, “My dear brothers and sisters, be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.” Being quick to listen implies that you are paying attention and actually hearing what your people are saying. Listen with the intent of understanding rather than responding.
  3. Reward honest communication. Do you shoot the messenger? How do you receive bad news? Good leaders listen and reward honesty in their people. Sharp debate strengthens the team and the potential of the idea. Embrace it.
  4. Admit your mistakes. Humble and open leaders show vulnerability. Saying, “I was wrong” is difficult to say, but it’s one of the most freeing and powerful statements a leader can make. It shows accountability and admitting your mistakes opens the door for your employees to relax and admit their own mistakes. It all leads to team growth.
  5. Commit to developing others. Take the time to know people, their temperaments and their strengths. Know their skills and put them in a position to use their strengths to maximize their performance. Greatness comes from not harping on weaknesses or forcing people to work outside their skill and strength.
  6. Share the dream. Be open and regularly share your vision and goals. Don’t hide them under a basket or in your head. Sharing them with others on the team allows them to give you input and also gets them on board.
  7. Seek commitment. Once people know and understand your goals and you begin to understand their needs and potential, you can then seek their commitment. Learn to draw a line between people who are “just interested” and those who are committed. Good leaders understand the need to develop committed people.
  8. Set goals. Developing people’s potential (and then being open to their ideas) involves setting mutually agreed-upon goals. Follow up regularly to make sure they are meeting the standard and using their strengths to their fullest.
  9. Reward and recognize. It is important to make people feel appreciated. Find them doing things right. Develop a reward system that helps people feel they have contributed.

Follow these nine suggestions and I guarantee you’ll grow, develop and unleash greatness in your employees.

What are some way you unleash greatness in your people?


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