Attending a WOW Seminar


I just returned from the ECPA sponsored Marketing to Women Conference in Austin, TX. Hosted by Wizard of Ads and featuring Michele Miller (author of The Soccer Mom Myth), the seminar was spectacular and should have had three times the attendance.

What made it special (and how can I learn to do this):

  • The site was spectacular. The Wizard of Ads learning center is just a wonderful place to get away, learn, think, make new friends and have some down time. The Engelbrecht House is a comfortable and energizing place to stay, think and rest.
  • The presentation was first class. Michele Miller is a tremendous presenter. She mixes a world-class Keynote presentation with story and invites questions and comments on the fly (I should know I interrupted her enough times and she never lost patience). Her presentation is well-researched and peppered with music, video and enough information to really get people thinking. It's far from boring.
  • The topic was important. Seventy-five percent of our customers for Bibles are women. It's about time we learned how to communicate to them and make them our genuine friends. Women control 83% of buying decisions, if you sell anything, this is an important topic.

My only disappointment was that more people did not take advantage of this tremendous opportunity.

So, many thanks to Michele, Michael, Mark and the Wizard staff. Well done!


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