Avoidance of Suffering—Leadership Trap #7


Leaders who avoid suffering always choose the easiest solution or decision. They avoid problems, responsibilities and difficulties. They lack perseverance, endurance, and courage. They have lost the will to grow.

Avoidance also leads to a focus on the short term. Leaders who are “avoiders” make decisions that take away the short-term pain without regard for the benefits to be gained from longer-term strategies. They avoid trouble today without regard for hte future, and as a result, their people are always scrambling to keep things together. Leaders who choose avoidance completely miss out on the opportunity to grow through adversity.

Instead of choosing to avoid suffering, leaders who persevere will gain experiential knowledge and confidence. These valuable qualities can be passed along to benefit others in the organization as well.

I’ve written about seven bad attitudes in recent posts. It won’t happen overnight, but if you loosen your grip and let go of each of these bad attitudes you will become a leader of influence whom others will trust and follow.


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