Developing a Personal Vision


Leading with vision is important. Vision clears the clutter and gives your people direction, energy and hope. Developing a personal vision gives you an opportunity to build upon something outside yourself — you get the chance to clear your own thinking and point yourself toward something larger than the day-to-day short term and also see the steps in your career as leading to something extremely worthwhile.

It was 1982 when I was able to develop my own personal vision. Since then it has been my beacon, my perspective and my focus. It's brought me back many times from despair and helped me realize that I'm doing what I do for something greater than what I can see in the short term.

My personal vision is to bring life-changing products to people who need them. It came at a time when my life was in some transition and I felt the need to get my career focus clear in my own mind. It is also rooted in something that I am passionate about – maximizing people's ability to grow and develop.

The end result has been that whatever I've done since that time I've been rooted in seeking the outcome of my personal vision. So if I was in publishing, my vision anchored my work. If I was in retail or retail distribution, my vision helped anchor my work. I try to do everything I can do to further my vision no matter where I find myself. I have written four books and this activity also falls under the umbrella of my personal vision.

If you haven't done it already, I'd suggest you develop a personal vision. Here are a few tips I've learned:

  • Choose something that seems impossible and may never be completed in your lifetime. This is not a goal, it's a driving vision.
  • Make sure you are passionate about what you choose. Your vision needs to last you a lifetime so it better be something about which you have incredible passion.
  • Write it down. Once you get it, write it down.
  • Keep it handy. You'll find there are always circumstances and challenges that will get in the way. Refer to your vision regularly so you don't get cobbled up in the unimportant.
  • Stay focused. See above – something will always block your vision. Keep it in your mind's eye.

You'll never regret using your personal vision as the guiding purpose for the rest of your career (and life). Prayerfully develop one, write it down and you will feel the clarity and peace it gives everyday.


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  1. Jim Hauskey says:

    Outstanding! A great encouragement. I have definitely seen you live out your personal vision through the years, so you back up your comments with action!

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