Elevating Your Employee’s Growth Potential


Over the years I’ve found that discovering and supporting an employee’s Growth Achievement Potential (GAP) does so much more for morale than money—and much more leveling the playing field.

Gary was a mailroom clerk. He worked hard and was a well-liked employee, but nobody ever thought much about him. Gary could walk in and out of a room and hardly anyone would notice. He was just delivering packages and mail. But Gary had a very different image of himself. He loved computers. He was taking the time and effort to learn how they ran and what he could accomplish with them. Gary would not grow or experience a sense of achievement as a mailroom clerk, but he would as a computer expert. His GAP was to pursue a career that would bring him satisfaction and give him opportunities to grow and achieve—to be someone in demand, someone who would be respected and noticed when he walked into a room. His GAP was very different from his current circumstances.

When it was suggested to the company president that he first look to Gary for help rather than hire a computer expert out of house, he was skeptical. But when he decided to talk to Gary, Gary was so enthusiastic that the president decided to give it a shot.

There was never a more dedicated or devoted employee than Gary. He went well above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the company’s system performed to a high level and was ready to meet any of the company’s challenges and demands. Gary was given a position that aligned with his GAP.

As a leader, do you know your employees dreams and GAP? What are you doing to discover their hidden strengths and abilities to help your organization?

In the my next post, I’ll show you GAP categories and some tips on how to spot them and elevate your employees to their full potential.


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