Getting Your SELF Out of the Way


 One mistake business leaders make is egomania. While you think you are the key to everything, the reality is, you are not.  Other people have skills and talents your business needs.

Chances are you are strong in one or two areas and weak in others. To grow your business you have to be willing to fill the gaps in your own expertise, perhaps by hiring employees or contract workers who have the necessary skills or temperament preferences that complement yours.

If you don’t know the gaps, I’d suggest using the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator (MBTI). It’s a proven instrument that will clearly show your temperament preferences and open the door to see how you can best use those in the business. By recognizing your uniqueness you can then bring in people who complement you or who will help you shore up areas of deficiency.

Patrick was a relationship person. He loved being with and serving people. He found it easy to listen and empathize with customers. He also was a big picture guy. Patrick, however, wasn’t good at details and his business suffered because he’d prefer being out with customers instead of managing the everyday busyness of the company.

After working with Patrick and his MBTI, we were able to see his uniqueness and temperament preferences.  He also understood what kind of temperament, in another person, he needed to complement him. He was able to not only understand what he needed, but also create interview questions that helped him find just the right person.

When we run a business, a division or any team it’s important that we don’t let SELF get in the way. It’s important that we recognize how uniquely we’re made and our temperament preferences. When we understand that, we can set SELF aside and reach out to others who can come alongside us and help us achieve our goals.


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