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I had the most incredible experience over the last two days. I’m writing from Chicago’s Midway Airport having just finished previewing segments from The Word of Promise Dramatic Audio Bible. I must say it completely surpasses my expectations.

When we began this project, the vision was to create something unique, different and of the highest quality. There are other audio Bibles and we didn’t want to simply copy what has already been done – our goal was to surpass anything ever recorded for the Bible. Please believe me, the production group, the musicians and the actors have done it.

The idea started with two people. Carl Amari, an accomplished radio theater producer, and Jim Caviezel (the superb actor who portrayed Jesus from Mel Gibson’s Passion movie) painted the initial vision and came to us at Thomas Nelson with their idea and their individual (and incredible) talents. From what I heard the last two days, their initial vision has grown into a full production of Audio Dramatic Theater as a diverse cast including hundreds of actors (some known to many of us, some just good actors playing small parts), incredible special effects and a wonderfully scored original soundtrack have taken shape into this one-of-a-kind product.

Looking back, here are some keys to the success of this product:

Keep seeking a vision greater than what you think you can do. Jim and Carl in particular have helped us see the vision and also help us reach for things that surpass what we initially thought we could do. From casting to sound effects; from music to direction they went for the best and continued to make the product better.

We work together as partners. We truly work well together and try to help each other as partners. It sounds cliché; however, in this project it is true, EVERYONE is looking for ways for win-win-win-win scenarios.

Always stay in the hunt. The whole team (Nelson and the outside production teams) are focused and driven by the vision. Several other great products will surface from this Bible, plus some unique opportunities have surfaced just because people kept “in the hunt” – their heads were in the game.

Have a vision outside yourself. It is our combined hope that this product will help people feel more comfortable with the Bible. The Bible has intimidated people for centuries and our current research shows that people are still looking for ways to make it more accessible, more “readable”. They are the very people for whom we designed this product. The greater vision is that more people will feel comfortable getting into the greatest book ever written.

Shoot to be the best. High quality is not an accident. It is the result of planning and hard work. At many turns we could have compromised, but we chose to find solutions that delivered to the customer a product that met high quality standards and set it apart from other audio Bible products.

I am sure there are other ingredients to the success of this product. It is an exceptional and faithful rendering of the story that people will enjoy for a long time. The Word of Promise hits stores in early October.

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3 Responses to “Great Products Don’t Just Happen”

  1. Rev. Dave says:

    The Word of Promise sounds awesome, but sounds a lot like ‘The Bible Experience.’ I bought that like a year ago. How could it surpass that?

  2. Thank you for your comment,
    The Word of Promise New Testament Audio Bible has been in the works for some time, but with any quality product it takes time to craft the perfect product. I’m glad to hear that you’ve had a good experience with The Bible Experience as anything that brings people to the Word is a good thing. And with all products you’ll have a different personal experience with each one. So, I’d encourage you to try the Word of Promise for yourself, as I’ve no doubt that the high quality dramatic audio theater presentation with movie-like audio special effects and original scored music, which are unique features of this project, will prove to be a blessing to you and others.

  3. ej says:

    I’ve heard some previews and they sound POWERFUL.
    Thank you to the ones who realized the project but, most of all, all my appreciation and blessings to Mr. Caviezel and his amazing effort to spread the Word.

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