Handlebars, Program Code and Motivated Employees


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of visiting Logos Bible Software. We are fortunate to have them as partners with us as they are the backbone of the software portion of our Bible and Reference business. We have over 650 resources in Logos format and their program is simply the best. Bob Pritchett and his team do a phenomenal job for us and hundreds of thousands of happy users.


Several things struck me while we were there. First, they have a tremendous passion for the customer. It became obvious that they want to talk to users, solve any learning concerns and truly serve them.

What also struck me was their commitment to their employees. Being a software company obviously programmers and software development people are the heart beat of the organization. Keeping them motivated and happy is a good thing because it translates to quality software, employee retention and ultimately satisfied customers.

About a year ago, Logos’ IT Manager, Jim Straatman submitted a novel idea. Since Bob is always asking his employees for ways to make Logos a better place to work, Jim suggested a putting a Bike Repair shop in the back of the main developer room. Since so many employees ride their bikes to work (the offices are in Bellingham, WA) Bob agreed.

Logos has about 170 employees and the Bike Shop is open to all of them. They have everything you’d find in a professional bike shop and all you’d ever need to fix a bike. According to Ryan Burns, “If I were to ballpark it, I’d say 40-50 people have used the shop.”

The shop is open all the time, according to Ryan, and employees can stop by whenever they want. He goes on to say, “Obviously working on your bike isn’t ‘work’ so people are encouraged to  use it during breaks and before or after work,”

Logos even has specially designed bike shirts.

Logos employees are very encouraged by their Bike Shop. It seems that even those who are not bikers appreciate it. Ryan adds, “It shows Logos is a company that cares about and listens to employees. Like I said, I don’t bike, but I tell people how cool it is to work for Logos, I inevitably mention that we have a Bike Shop in our office.”

And for those winter months? The Bike Shop becomes a Ski and Snowboard repair shop completely outfitted with a turning stand,  hot wax, P-tex and everything else a person would need to have their equipment in shape before they hit the slopes.

Bob and his team have set a great example that I need to follow.


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