Making Quality Decisions – Video or a Snapshot?


We just finished our monthly Business Review Meeting. It’s a great time for the Nelson leadership team to gather, review the month and talk about what happened, why and what’s in the future. The meeting is always full of energizing conversation and discussion. This meeting was no different.

During break I could not help but realize that sometimes life (or business) is a snapshot and sometimes the view needs to be a video.
Snapshots are important. They give you a picture of what’s happening. They are current and they have a place. We can also put snapshots in albums and bring them out occasionally to remember what happened.
Snapshots don’t work so well when you need context, or to see a flow of “life” or information. How often have we taken snapshots of our kids – clean, angelic and smiling – when just a few minutes ago they  were fighting or playing in the dirt. Snapshots don’t always tell the full story.
In contrast, video is a panorama. It shows moments through time. VIdeo gives you context and it moves through time.
In financial meetings you can look at one month (a snapshot) or a rolling-12 (video) and get two different perspectives and maybe two different strategies based on the information you have in front of you.
It’s my feeling that for best decisions you need both options and many times you need them together. Quality decisions need to develop from multiple perspectives, not just a snapshot or a video. You can’t get lulled into either perspective.
What do you think? How have you used either or both and made a quality decision?

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