Jet Farve? I Just Don’t Get It


Ok, you're the CEO at a major company (or even a minor one). Your top Executive decides to retire. Now, it's true he or she has done this before, you've heard it and they decided to come back. But this time, they seem to really mean it. So you begin to work with an untested, unproven replacement who inherits tremendous expectations from your stock holders. You've had a winning tradition for years and you've given those stock holders a lot. In fact, because of all you've done for them, really since 1959, they are raving fans.


Now, the former leader, who for sixteen years had done so much for your organization and last year had an incredible year, wants to come back. What do you as a CEO do? Do you really dump him or her? Do you just "look to the future" and hope?

Such is the essence of the Brett Farve melodrama in Green Bay. Hope and lack of flexibility win over common sense and experience.

I just don't get it – somebody help me understand this one.


2 Responses to “Jet Farve? I Just Don’t Get It”

  1. Pete Wilson says:

    I’m with you Wayne! This makes no sense at all.

  2. Ed says:

    I agree bring Sam Moore back, and save the comapny.

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