Let it Rise – Review of Holland Davis’ Book for Pastors


Let me say up front – Holland Davis is a friend. I've always appreciated his heart for ministry and his ability to lead worship. He's a gifted and talented man who seeks God in all he does.


It was thrilling to receive a copy of his book and I read it quickly. It kept my attention and made me think.

Let is Rise if a manual for worship. It not only does a great job talking about worship, but the book also explores how senior pastors and worship leaders can work more effectively together – and he's right on.

Here are some quotes I found interesting:

  • Many ministries suffer because vision isn't communicated and those who are called to serve alongside the PASTOR don't understand where they are going and how to get there.
  • The secret to success is to create an environment for reflection and failure. The worship environment is no different. We want to be able to ask tough questions so that we can know if we are effectively releasing the congregation to worship.
  • We think we are making music the minute we start playing. Truth is we are just making noise. It doesn't become music until every musician's eye is not on the chart, but on each other and the congregation.
  • The congregation will be as vulnerable as you are willing to be.

There are many more and Holland's ability to encourage and teach is tremendous.

The book is also not just your typical typeset trade book. The interior designer, did a tremendous job of making the book unique and special.

I recommend this book to all church leaders, pastors and obviously worship leaders.


2 Responses to “Let it Rise – Review of Holland Davis’ Book for Pastors”

  1. Jason says:

    What a timely book. As my family continues the search for a new church home, I have found so many churches lacking in exactly the areas you pointed out.
    In one particular church, the board and pastors are not communicating a well thought out vision… or worse, they don’t have one.
    In several churches, the worship seems nothing more than empty words read off a screen. The leadership is clearly not modeling a heart of awe-filled worship for God the Almighty.
    And for many, the “worship” begins when the noise begins. Nevermind the behind the scenes work – so many people there are clearly not worshiping in their work but doing it begrudgingly or half-heartedly. They are certainly not doing it with the creator of the heavens in mind.
    All that to say, I’m glad someone is pointing this out. I have been struggling with how to address it as I find my family caught between churches and without a relationship from which we could lovingly point this out to the churches we have visited.

  2. Jason, thank you for your thoughtful and heartfelt comment. Unfortunately weve all struggled through some of the same issues youre feeling. Hollands book is very helpful.
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