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The last few months my team and I have been working through a number of problems. I’ve struggled trying to find the right levers, the right way to control the issues. I’ve spent a lot of introspective time (easy for an Introvert) wrestling with the problems, and then, in an airplane this weekend (another good time for introspection when you are held captive at 31,000 feet) the truth finally hit me like a ton of bricks – I would always have problems. In fact, the problems were a good thing. The problems showed that my business was in a learning phase, a growing phase and we were pointed in the right direction because of the very nature of the problems we’re encountering.

I regret it’s taken me this long to understand this liberating revelation.

So, take it from me and spare yourself some grief. In business, ministry, retail or any endeavor worth doing you/we are going to experience problems. And, here’s the other piece I learned, THAT’S WHERE OPPORTUNITIES LIE!

Stay with it, embrace it and remember it’s not easy. All of us would perhaps enjoy a tidier way of doing things, but in reality we need a mess to grow, develop and push through to the next level.

It’s unfortunate the most management books don’t deal with this. Unfortunately check-lists and ten steps just don’t get it when you’re wrestling a Leviathan. Growing an enterprise causes problems. Of course there are problems in a shrinking business so one of the things we as leaders need to do is make sure the problems we see and devote our time to are problems of growth which can lead to adventure, rather than problems of decline which are just plain boring (not only for us but our team as well).

So, I’m excited to tackle the opportunities. Behind every problem is a new learning, a new growth opportunity and a new victory. Will you join me? Can we hold each other accountable to finding and working through growth problems? Plus realizing if we’re working our boring problems we have other issues and need to turn them into opportunity as well? I can’t do this alone.

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