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I've posted many times about change and it's because it's endemic to our culture, society and workplace. We move at the speed of Google and building lasting organizations means they must change with their customers, the market and the other factors that can contribute to their future success.

Here are some insights on change:

Change is hard for many employees. Let's face it, most people would rather struggle with what they know than do something different, even if that means more success. We're easily stuck in ruts.

People need to have the ability to change. This refers to the underlying skills and knowledge to do new or revised work.

People need to be willing to change. This is the desire or motivation to put their ability to work in the changed environment.

How do we, as leaders, create necessary change?

  • Create training and mentoring opportunities. People who lack the abilities, but are worthwhile employees need training and mentoring so they can easily adapt to the new work or changed environment. Remember, when you are a leader, you've had time to work through your own strengths and you've had the time to understand how they will work in the new world. Your employees need the same benefit.
  • Communicate the reasons for change. You cannot over-communicate. You've had time to understand why the organization needs to change. Communicate why it's important to make changes and how it will benefit, not only the organization, but its customers and others outside the organization,
  • Stay Positive. You as the leader sets the tone. If you are discouraged, then your people will be discouraged and down about the change. If you are encouraging, listening and authentic, your employees willingness to change will dramatically increase.

Will you have resistance to change? Probably. However, if you understand the importance of people's abilities and their willingness to change, you can make the process easier and quicker.


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