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If you didn’t read Mike Hyatt’s blog article on email addition you should. When I read this post something good welled up in me and cheered. Finally somebody had the presence of mind to stop the email madness. My second action was to let Mike know that I’ve taken the challenge to take back control of my day and manage my inbox.

It’s been four business days and a weekend. Like any junkie I get the shakes every once in awhile, but I must say that overall I’m feeling really good about my decision. Yesterday, for example, I was working on a project and never once was bothered by that ding or a message appearing in the corner so tantalizing to read and answer in my former way of doing things. Not yesterday – I was focused, creative and got the project to a point where I’m very pleased. I think Mike is on to something and I’m going to keep trying this.

Literally I checked my email twice yesterday. Once near mid-day and once before I went home. I went off-line, took care of business and had a clean inbox when I went home. It felt great.

And, during the last four days, when I really wanted to know something, I got up and asked, or phoned. I got an immediate answer, allowed the person to let me know if this was convenient (in one case I was asked to come back which was fine) and both parties managed their day instead of the interruption of email.

One last thing — if you are one of those people who can’t resist the “reply all” button on messages where the world doesn’t need to know your reply (or care) please stop. The other day I must have received a dozen emails with people’s golf shirt size. I really don’t care folks and all you are doing is cluttering my inbox.

I encourage you to take this email challenge. Jump in, admit you have a problem (that’s the first sign of healing) and take back control of your day. I guarantee You’ll get more done.

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