The Rock of Stability


Moses did not become a leader overnight. He had some learning to do. He needed to experience life and see God work in his life so he could mentor and lead the people.

In Deuteronomy 32:4 he’s telling the people about God. He says, “He [God] is the Rock, His work is perfect, for all His ways are law and justice.”

God, Moses tells the people, is a Rock. He doesn’t change. He doesn’t flinch. He isn’t shaken by the storm of tomorrow’s problems or yesterday’s failures. He deeply set in the ground. He is great and stable.

One of the things about this part of Tennessee is the bedrock. Any time someone wants to build anything, the builder needs to blast away the bedrock. Here in our neighborhood, as they add new houses, we can often hear and feel them blasting away. Earthly rocks can be moved, not so God.

As a Rock, God is stable. He is also our refuge. His stability is matched by His mercy.

As a leader Moses learned stability and mercy from God. As leaders we also must learn to be stable and merciful. We need to support and teach our people. We need to be quick to encourage and slow to criticize. We must welcome failure and help our people learn from it.

A leader’s stability is an important element to any organization or team. Embrace it.

How do you bring stability to your team? To your people?


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