The Visionary’s Third Eye



I love Bob Rotella’s book, Golf is not a Game of Perfect. Yes, it’s a book about golf, but it golf is such a great analogy for life and leadership and the book delivers tremendous insights.

Rotella writes:

Nick Price told me that once he had picked out a target, he could look back to the ball, but continue to ‘see’ the target in his mind, refusing to hit the shot unless his mind is locked onto the target.

Other good players tell me they feel almost as if they had a third eye on the left side of their head. Their eyes shift down to the ball before the swing. But with that third eye, they still see the target.

I think successful leaders have this same ability. It’s an uncanny sense of focus on what is front of them, but also this “third eye” that is always focused on the target—the vision. Steve Jobs had this ability. He could focus on whatever was coming next, but also stay focused on the ultimate target, the vision.

Nehemiah of the Bible was that kind of leader. He says in Nehemiah 2:17, “Then I said to them, You see the bad situation we are in–how Jerusalem lies in ruins, and its gates are burned with fire. Come, let us build up the wall of Jerusalem, that we may no longer be a disgrace.” Despite pitfalls, entanglements, and enemies he successfully led a team that rebuilt the wall. His target was restoration and he never lost focus on it. His “third eye” always kept the vision in mind. He never wavered and he never stopped sharing the vision with his team.

Are you a leader with that “third eye”? How has it helped your organization succeed? Or, are you a leader who can’t quite keep the vision in front of you because of the distractions and entanglements of the everyday?


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