The Way of the Humble


Humble leaders take a different approach. They are not so self-absorbed as to think that they don’t need to listen and be open. Their spirits are not critical because they are always open and scanning their employees, customers, and systems for better and new ideas. Following are some qualities of humble leaders.

A humble leader is teachable. Humble leaders  never shut the door on education themselves.  They are open to personal and organizational change. They quickly understand that old routines and sacred cows are not always the best or the fastest way to improve. A teachable leader devotes a significant amount of time to learning.

A humble leader is flexible. An old proverb reminds us, “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” A humble leader knows she can be more effective without being in control. The more flexibility—rather than control—that they can build into themselves, the more they succeed.

A humble leader welcomes change. A humble leader needs to discern the right change—not just change for the sake of changing. Being open and teachable helps us to develop this discernment. Humble leaders are not afraid of personal change. They embrace it. They see change as a path to progress.

Humility leads to openness, teachability, and flexibility. Humility casts fears aside and frees leaders to energize and build their organizations toward common goals and vision. Humility is the fertile ground where the seeds of trust sprout.

What in your life do you need to let go of so you can become more humble?


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