The X and Y of Buy – How Men and Women Make Buying Decisions


I spend a lot of time studying and applying temperaments to my leadership and team building. I find it extremely important to know people, understand how best I can communicate with them and also how to put them in their areas of strength. Understanding temperaments helps me to that, plus a lot more.

There's also a lot to be said for as well for understanding gender differences. My personal Bible for this understanding, from a marketing perspective, is Michele Miller's The Soccer Mom Myth. It's an excellent tool for anyone trying to market and communicate to female customers and I highly recommend it.


The other day I was introduced to a new book from Thomas Nelson (yes, my employer) titled The X and Y of Buy by Elizabeth Pace. The book makes a very compelling case that in order to reach your audience (and at the same time get the sale) it is essential to know what separates the genders – what makes them different, unique and two distinct audiences for your presentation.

Like Soccer Mom, the X and Y of Buy provides a good amount of research and brain study that is gender focused. This research sets the stage for Pace's compelling arguments on presenting and selling to each gender. Her premise is that the genders are different and unique (they think differently, they react differently and innately have different communication needs), so you might as well treat them that way and present accordingly so each can clearly "hear" and understand your message.

The book is an good read and provides some very practical advice, even for non-selling situations. I wouild recommend it to anyone wanting to know gender differences and how they work in personal and business situations, especially when you are presenting or specifically selling.


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  1. Wayne,
    I look forward to reading the book. For me however, it’s very easy to sell to me: just show me something shiny with a light built in and I’m all over it.

  2. David Lively says:

    I can’t wait to read X and Y of the Buy. It will have to be exceedingly great to pass Soccer Mom in defining how females make buying decisions. Michele Miller is the world leader on the subject.

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