The External Culture


This culture type impacts revenue, sales growth and market share. It is a culture that brings together the elements of Mission and Adaptability. It is goal sensitive but also ready to quickly react to market or consumer fluctuations.

Because it is mission focused, the External Culture defines its strategic direction and intent. It provides employees with clear mission that gives both meaning and direction to their work. The employees have clear goals and objectives. Because they know the strategic direction, people in the External Culture effectively allocate resources in line with the priorities of the organization.

External Cultures are also goal oriented. They hold individual’s accountable through not only goal setting, but also progress tracking and goal communication. Because employees understand the meaning and direction of their work, their goals easily fit what they are doing.

There is also a shared vision that creates excitement and motivation for the people and the people understand and see connection between the vision and their daily activities. Everthing seems to line up – the mission, the goals and their work.

Because the External Culture is also adaptable, it creates frequent change. Leaders encourage creative thinking and innovation. They also respond quickly to customers by actively seeking feedback and incorporating the customer into their planning. They also make sure that employees have a deep understanding of the customer and their needs.

The External Culture also promotes organizational learning by dealing constructively with failure and mistakes. They view failure as a learning opportunity and seek improvement. They know their customer and competition very well and encourage best practices because they understand their industry and who does things best.

The External Culture is fast moving, focused on their own mission and the needs of their customers. They can move quickly within their environment or industry to create new products or procedures based on what they know from customers or competition. The best example of an External Culture is Google. They are always changing and moving to improve their services based on customer input and they also remain focused on a mission of simplicity. Google knows their mission and they know their customer. Everthing they do is directed at serving both well.


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