Three Reasons Why Leaders are Resistant to Change


Leaders, have you changed lately? Are you growing or stagnate? Is your area of responsibility afresh with vision and new thinking or is it “business as usual?”

Here’s some good news—the more you change, and are open to change, the more you become an instrument of change in the lives of others. If you want to do some things differently and probably get some better results, you must also change.

So, why are some leaders so resistant to change?

  • They only want self-initiated change. Leaders who lack humility seek to develop only their own ideas. They have no interest in others’ opinions.
  • They fear failure. I have seen so many potentially great leaders paralyzed by fear of failure. They fail to reach new territory because they are so afraid of losing. They do not understand the positive and learning sides of failure.
  • They are too comfortable. Many times present realities give us hope that we do not need to change. We sit on our “current situation.” We do the same thing every day, and hold on for dear life to our past achievements.

A leader willing to change brings out change in the organization. Embracing change fosters an attitude of success and can deliver the organization from the quagmire of sameness.

Are you willing to embrace change? What are some things you could do in the next 30 days that would bring significant change and new results to your organization?


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